Tom Brokaw Narrates 'SNL' Election Special, Relives "Cage Fight" Between Trump, Clinton

Tom Brokaw SNL election special - H
NBC/Saturday Night Live

The 2016 SNL Election Special aired Monday night, with NBC's Tom Brokaw narrating the election eve primetime event.

"For the last 18 months Saturday Night Live has been covering every angle of this freewheeling campaign," said Brokaw, introducing the hourlong NBC special. "There's been no shortage of characters, commentary and comedy to keep us up way past my bedtime."

He continued, "I've been covering presidential campaigns for 50 years and this one occupies a space all its own, the space between, 'Oh my god,' and, 'Did he, did she, just say what I just heard?'"

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The NBC News special correspondent then took viewers through the biggest moments of the 2016 presidential campaign by way of SNL's political sketches.

Beginning with the Republican and Democratic primary debates, Kate McKinnon, playing Clinton, and Darrell Hammond followed by current portrayer Alec Baldwin, playing Trump, made their way through the primaries and general election. Highlights also featured SNL frequenter Larry David as Bernie Sanders, including the Curb Your Enthusiasm-inspired "Bern Your Enthusiasm" short. 

The trip down SNL memory lane caught viewers up to Saturday's most recent episode, which featured Baldwin's Trump and McKinnon's Clinton making their final plea to voters. The pair eventually made peace by walking through the streets of New York hand-in-hand. 

The episode ended with a quick reel of other memorable flashbacks, including returning castmembers Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reprising their roles as Sarah Palin and Clinton, respectively, and Will Ferrell's George W. Bush.

"The campaign or, if you will, the cage fight is now over," Brokaw said in his sign off. "You'll determine the winner by voting tomorrow and if it doesn't turn out the way you like it, that's your problem."