'SNL': 'Knives Out' Sketch Gives Inside Look at Daniel Craig's Accent

For those Knives Out viewers who wondered about how Daniel Craig's Southern drawl came to be for Rian Johnson's whodunnit film, one of Saturday Night Live's latest skits offered some answers.

Held at a casting office, the sketch saw Craig come in to find his best Southern accent. But before he can read the Knives Out script, the actor calls in his accent coach, played by Beck Bennett. 

Bennett's character gives the casting agents a sample of accents, including one heavy with pig-calling. He takes on other various regional accents, differing in pitch and drawl. 

"My husband's from Arkansas, and he doesn't talk like that," says one of the casting directors. 

After a couple more samples of his dialect portfolio, another casting agent asks if the coach has ever been to the South. 

"No. But I have studied the region, mainly through cartoons," he replies. 

Soon enough, both Craig and his coach take on Johnson's script. The two put on their best Southern accents, but the reading goes awry when Bennett pukes on cue, as Ana de Armas' character does when she fibs. 

"You can puke on demand?" questions an agent.

To prove his abilities once again, Bennett throws up. This time, Craig joins in on the on-command vomiting, eliciting disgust from the panel of agents. 

"We're actors," the two exclaim.

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