'SNL': Guy Fieri Fights Back Against Scathing Restaurant Review in Unaired Sketch (Video)

Guy Fieri SNL Sketch - H 2012

Guy Fieri SNL Sketch - H 2012

Jeremy Renner showed off his musical abilities, spoofed The Avengers and took part in a moving stand-off. But what Saturday Night Live didn't show was its take on the hoopla surrounding the negative restaurant review Guy Fieri received.

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Recently, the New York Times published a harsh review by critic Pete Wells painting Fieri's New York restaurant, American Kitchen & Bar, as a terrible place to eat. Fieri then responded, saying, "it’s clear to me that he went into my restaurant with his mind already made up." Not to be left behind, SNL took a stab at the Fieri-NY Times battle.

Fake Fieri, played by SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan, appeared on "Weekend Update" in a "way better mood" than one would expect. "I'm happier than butter on gravy Seth!" Moynihan-as-Fieri exclaimed. "I can't believe the New York Times reviewed my new restaurant!"

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His happy-go-lucky attitude quickly turns sour as Fieri reads the review for the first time. "Oh no .. oh no ... that's not off the chain," Fieri resigns. "I'm feeling pretty half throttle."

The whole debacle, at least through SNL's eyes, is summed up in one sentence: "The New York Times reviewing my restaurant is like Architectural Digest reviewing a college dorm." (And don't mind the word vomit from Moynihan that ensues.)

Watch the sketch below:

And because it's so close to Thanksgiving, a shirtless Renner in another SNL skit that went by the wayside:

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