'SNL': 'Handmaids in the City' Sketch Satirizes "Trump-atized" Female Experience

Amy Schumer poked fun at the Hulu original series The Handmaid's Tale during her Saturday Night Live hosting gig this week in sketch about a Sex in the City spinoff dubbed Handmaids in the City.

Joined by Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong, Schumer played a handmaid who joined the others at meals, where each made quips about day-to-day lives in the dystopian Gilead and complimented each other on their monotonous red robes. 

In Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, based off of Margaret Atwood's original 1985 novel, women who are still fertile following an overall decline in births worldwide are enslaved as "handmaids" and required to have sex with their "Commanders." The U.S., run by a religious military dictatorship, has curbed women's rights, prohibiting them from accessing their own money, holding jobs or generally traveling unaccompanied.

McKinnon portrayed Tale's one-eyed character Janine, joking about her appearance: "This is what I get for reading a newspaper."

When sharing secrets with one another, McKinnon's handmaid admitted that she slept with a married couple, with Bryant sharing that she also engaged in the same act. "Who would've thought we'd be having three-ways in our thirties?" Bryant joked.

"Three-way? How about a one-way ticket out of here?" Schumer asked, taking a subtle jab at the current political climate. 

McKinnon then addressed the "guy problems" she has been experiencing, as her commanding officer hasn't been unable to get over his former handmaid that hung herself. "So what you're saying is, he's hung up on her?" Schumer's handmaid joked before getting tazed by the nearby guard. 

In the promotion for Handmaids in the City, the series was described as being "so brutal" yet "more uplifting than the news." One handmaid mentioned that she was "Trump-atized" at the end of the sketch.