'SNL': Hillary Clinton Sings and Smashes Kids' Sandcastles in Cold Open (Video)

The presidential candidate's summer plans are a bit different than most people's.

Hillary Clinton hit the road to sing a few bars and enjoy some summertime pastimes. 

On Saturday Night Live's cold open, Clinton (Kate McKinnon) broke into song and interacted with potential voters who were jogging and playing on the beach. 

Two kids who were building a sandcastle told Clinton that there was nothing she could do to convince their parents to vote for her, as she just rubs them the wrong way.

"What a fun thing to hear for almost 20 years," Clinton said before stomping on their creation. She also unveiled an elaborate White House made of sand. 

Hillary was later joined by husband Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond), who attempted to give another woman a massage, which Hillary wasn't thrilled about. Hillary also explained what she was looking forward to happening on the final day of her second presidential term.

Host Louis C.K. did not appear in the segment. 

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