'SNL': Host Adele Finds a Reason to Sing in 'Bachelor' Sketch

'Saturday Night Live'

'Saturday Night Live'

Adele hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, with H.E.R. serving as the musical guest.

In her monologue, the singer addressed the fact that she isn’t serving as the musical guest herself, joking that she would be too nervous to do both and would "rather put on some wigs, have a glass of wine or six and just see what happens!" She added that she tends to curse when she’s nervous, with Kenan Thompson bringing out her swear jar as proof.

Despite her opening remarks that she'd stick to acting during her inaugural hosting gig, Adele still found opportunities to sing. In a spoof of The Bachelor, Adele played herself and burst into several of her hits depending on the situation — from "Someone Like You" when Beck Bennett's bachelor gave a rose to another girl to "Hello" when he went on a solo date with someone else. After Adele was eliminated, she returned to the Bachelor set to finish "Someone Like You."

"Catch me next week on Love Island!" Adele said with a smirk at the end of her performance.

The singer also appeared in a sketch where a group of friends went to a psychic in 2019 with high hopes for the year ahead. Kate McKinnon played the psychic, whose predictions touched on the upcoming pandemic. She predicted Adele would be on the phone with FedEx demanding to know where her adult coloring book was, and also foeretold the Jeffrey Toobin scandal. "If any of you see J.K. Rowling, please tell her, stick to the books," McKinnon's psychic added.

Pete Davidson brought back his character Chad for a digital sketch in which Adele played a ghost in a spooky manor, hitting on Netflix's The Haunting anthology series. Another digital sketch spoofed political ads, with a group of voters lamenting the prospect of Trump leaving office because they've based most conversations off his lies and offensive comments.

Michael Che and Colin Jost fired off several jokes about Trump during Weekend Update, per usual. Rudy Giuliani’s Borat scene came up during the cold open as well as during Weekend Update, with Jost commenting that the state of American politics in 2020 is bleak when the best investigative journalism is being done by Borat.

After appearing in the cold open, Maya Rudolph also played a grandmother in a COVID-19 sketch. The former castmember has been a consistent presence this season. She also appeared alongside Adele in a 1980s commercial parody for scented jeans called "Ass Angel" jeans.

In one of the final sketches of the night, Adele kept breaking character with McKinnon as they spoofed a tourism ad for Africa geared toward divorcees.