'SNL' ISIS Skit Sparks Outrage (Video)

SNL ISIS Still - H 2015

A Saturday Night Live sketch centered on ISIS recruitment has created controversy.

In the fake ad, which aired Feb. 28, Dakota Johnson plays a young girl who is saying goodbye to her father (Taran Killam) in the car. Viewers are led to believe that the woman is leaving for college, but she is instead joining ISIS.

"It's just ISIS, Dad," she explains.

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"Take good care of her," the father says to the ISIS member, who replies, "Death to America."

The skit — which referenced the fact that increasing numbers of young women have been reportedly joining ISIS of late — created a furor on social media, with Twitter users blasting it for making light of the terrorist organization.

"Like going to college? When so many people are being kidnapped and killed? Depraved," wrote one person on Twitter. Another user faulted the sketch for making "a moral equivalence between ISIS murderers and the U.S. military (based on the spoofed commercial)." A third user claimed that the show appeared "desensitized" to the ISIS situation.

The sketch can be seen below, along with a number of tweets.

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