'SNL': James McAvoy Parodies 'The Bachelor's Colton Underwood

The Bachelor's Colton Underwood may be OK with ABC exploiting his virginity on the current season of the popular dating show, but Saturday Night Live wanted to poke some fun with their mock show, "Virgin Hunk." 

While spoofing the current season of The Bachelor, SNL described their mock show as being about a virgin who "has to choose between 30 women who didn’t vote." The women in the cast all appeared as contestants on the show, taking turns talking to SNL bachelor Dolton, played by the evening’s host, James McAvoy.

"There are a few reasons why I could be a virgin, so just pick one and go with that. I’m ready to find love with one of these randos," McAvoy's Dolton said with a rose in hand. He also mentioned that he's from "Turd River, Colorado." 

The female contestants competing for McAvoy's heart were then introduced. "My ex-boyfriend is Dirty John, but he dumped me because I was too clingy," Cecily Strong said. 

"I’m Jessica C., and I don’t know what to say because I’ve never been myself even once," Heidi Gardner quipped.

Meanwhile, another contestant wore a banner titled "Miss Vagina", which McAvoy's Dolton misread as "Miss Virginia" — mocking this season featuring two pageant contestants.  

Throughout the sketch, the SNL castmates played into some of the recurring conventions of the actual show such as interjecting with each other by saying "Can I steal him for a sec?" They also immediately told McAvoy's Dolton that they had missed him despite having just seen him. 

"I loved our date today where I dry humped you at Medieval Times," Aidy Bryant said during one conversation. Later in the sketch, she returned: "Hi, it’s me from before but more drunk."

Attempting to have an emotional conversation, McAvoy asked her what the saddest thing that ever happened to her was, and she replied: "It’s either my awkward phase or when my mom combusted in front of me."