'SNL': Jason Segel and Surprise Guest Paul Rudd's Sloppy Kiss Take Bromance to New Level (Video)

SNL Jason Segel Paul Rudd

It seemed like just another family thanksgiving skit: Jacob Vogelcheck (Jason Segel, The Muppets) brings home his girlfriend, Lucy (Vanessa Bayer), for the holidays.

First he gets sweet welcome home kisses from mom (Kristen Wiig). Then, to Lucy’s surprise, he gets a longer kiss from dad (Fred Armisen). The kissing escalates further as his brother Dwayne (Bill Hader) comes out, and suddenly, Lucy starts to doubt whether she fits in with the overly affectionate family.

It's a skit audiences have seen before, so SNL had to one-up the two-straight-guys-kissing joke that has been starting to get old on TV.

The kisses continue to escalate in affection and creativity with a "WWII kiss" and a strawberry chapstick chain kiss. Then the gross factor comes into play when homeless people (Andy Samberg, Jay Pharoah) stop by for a handout.

“My parents give food to the homeless every year,” Segel’s character explains to his girlfriend.

“That’s so nice!” Lucy responds. “Oh wait… I bet it’s not.”

After Segel shares an ear of corn with Samberg, Wiig playfully spits Brussels sprouts into Samberg’s mouth, and Hader spits gravy on Samberg’s face, Segel’s other brother—his I Love You, Man costar and real-life best friend Paul Rudd—shows up late.

It’s obvious Segel and Rudd… er, their characters… missed each other.