‘SNL’: Even Satan Offended by Penn State Scandal (VIDEO)

Jason Sudeikis Devil on SNL

Getting the news from Ashton Kutcher’s tweeting has its drawbacks, as satan recently discovered this week on Saturday Night Live.

Jason Sudeikis reprised his devil role on Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, commenting on the scandal at Penn State. He said he was “through the roof happy” regarding what he assumed to be a football recruiting scandal.

But when Meyers informed him that the allegations are much more serious, he was shocked and upset. “I’m the prince of darkness, but I’m not a monster! This is awful. I’m sorry about my reaction, but this is the first I’ve heard of it.”

“It’s a pretty big story. I mean, where do you get your news?” Meyers asked.

“I follow Kutcher on Twitter! It’s usually enough—my man’s plugged in,” the devil remarked.

Earlier this week, Kutcher tweeted and subsequently deleted a post stating he was upset over the firing of Penn State’s head coach, Joe Paterno. The actor, 33, later explained that he wasn’t fully informed about the situation. Paterno, 84, was let go amid outrage that he was aware of at least one instance of child molestation by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, and failed to report the incident to police.

As for the Penn State students who protested Paterno’s firing by drunkenly taking to the streets and flipping over news vans, the devil was not amused. “Guys, what are you doing?” he asked. “I know you like Joe Pa, but you gotta get out of the way on this one. Do you know how bad that made you look? There were cameras there. Those pictures go online and live forever. That’s why I created the internet.”