Jennifer Aniston Asks Vanessa Bayer to Stop Impersonating Her 'Friends' Character Rachel on 'SNL'

Jennifer Aniston Weekend Update Screengrab
'Saturday Night Live'/Screengrab

Jennifer Aniston made a surprise appearance on NBC's Saturday Night Live to plead with Vanessa Bayer to drop her recurring impersonation of beloved Friends character Rachel.

Bayer, as Rachel, stopped by "Weekend Update" to chat with host Colin Jost about the recent trend of 1990s show revivals, including Fuller House and Gilmore Girls.

"The '90s are great. You go to work, you go on dates, and you go to cafes with your friends, and you all sit facing camera. Yeah!" Bayer told Jost, adding the character's signature voice inflections to every word.

Aniston, who co-stars with Bayer in the upcoming Paramount comedy Office Christmas Party, suddenly pulled up a seat at the news desk and interjected, "Can you just drop that for a second?"

The actress said she decided to pay a visit to SNL after Bayer texted her persistently for 12 days straight. "Listen, honey, I know that you love Friends and we had such a great time making our movie together, but you've gotta really try to stop texting me every day," Aniston pleaded.

She added, "Friends was like 5 million and five years ago, I think we've just got to move on."

Bayer, now out of character, told the actress, "I don't know … I do this great bit as Rachel, so …" to which a skeptical Aniston replied, "Is it a great bit though?"

Aniston then began imitating Bayer's impersonation of her, causing Bayer to join in. The co-stars, voices in sync, then yelled Rachel's frequent line on Friends, "Oh, Ross!”

Watch the segment below.