'SNL' Promos: Jonah Hill Drops String of F-Bombs (Video)

SNL Jonah Hill Taran Killam Screenshot - H 2014

Jonah Hill, fresh off receiving his second Oscar nomination, is back at Saturday Night Live this weekend for the third time.

The profanity-laden Wolf of Wall Street was a topic of discussion, with Hill getting the unsettling news that he won't be able to drop the F-bomb as freely as he does in the Martin Scorsese film. So how does he remedy it? By dropping a string of curse words, of course. Get those censors ready, NBC.

STORY: Jonah Hill to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

While it's no Five-Timers Club, SNL does spotlight its three-time hosts and did so enthusiastically during Hill's promos. How does one celebrate during an "SNL Hat Trick"? By having dozens of hats, literally, pummeled at them. "You broke our host. Show's canceled!" Taran Killam declares, as Hill holds his injured lip following the melee.

Another promo hyped up Hill's return as host, with the actor revealing his secret charm bracelet, which includes charms of a heart, a Corgie, a key from Ibiza and others. Though an embarrassed Hill has no interest in showing off the rest of the charms, Killam wants more. "Don't leave me hanging ... like those charms!" the SNL castmember says as the two high-five like best buddies.

In an outtake of another promo bit, Hill impressively signed Killam's tongue with a Sharpie.

Watch the promos below.

Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. EST/PST on NBC. Bastille is this week's musical guest.

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