'SNL': Kate McKinnon Debuts Robert Mueller Impersonation

Kate McKinnon showed off a new impersonation on Saturday Night Live this weekend: special counsel Robert Mueller.

Sporting a gray wig and extensive prosthetic makeup around the jawline, the Mueller character made an appearance during the "Weekend Update" segment to offer some teasers into the FBI's ongoing investigation of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

"I wanted to come out here tonight to assure the American people that are investigation is progressing smoothly and we’re looking forward to a timely and orderly conclusion,” he said. When asked to disclose particulars of the investigation, he smiled and coyly said, “We’re good,” before brandishing a toothpick and adding, “Situation’s under control.”

McKinnon's Mueller character went on to tell "Weekend Update" anchor Colin Jost that he wanted “to tell you so bad” about the “big time” evidence he had. He offered a brief tease of bombshell revelations such as “Don Jr. wrote in his Venmo description: ‘Russia’ — Oh! I can’t.”

When asked what would happen if President Donald Trump were to fire him, Mueller answered, “It’s a little late for that. Cat’s out of the bag and the bags full of, how do I say this, Michael Flynn’s wiretaps.” Jost seemed intrigued by the concept of wiretapping the former national security advisor, but Mueller couldn’t verbally confirm the statement — he could, however, affirmatively pound on the desk when asked.

“You got to understand,” he told Jost, “the guy didn’t leave me a trail of breadcrumbs here, he left me full loaves.”