'SNL': Kellyanne and George Conway Go to Couples Therapy in a Parody of 'Marriage Story'

SNL 'Marriage Story' Sketch — Dec. 14, 2019 — Publicity — H 2019
Kavya Krishna/NBC

The Scarlett Johansson-hosted episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live featured a parody of Marriage Story about Kellyanne Conway’s relationship with her husband George Conway.

In the sketch, Johansson played the couples therapist, while Kate McKinnon reprised her impression of Kellyanne. Meanwhile, Beck Bennett tackled the impersonation of George.

"What I love about George: He always leaves his coffee mugs around," McKinnon's Kellyanne said as the show cut to shots of mugs with bold statements such as 'I Don’t Like Trump' emblazoned on them.

While they were together on a dinner date, Bennett’s George tweeted: "Anyone who works for Trump is a demon." In response to this incident, McKinnon's Kellyanne admonished him. “George Conway, do not subtweet me at the dinner table, please,” she said. They also used unusual "pet names" for each other like "loser" and "ghoul."

Speaking to the therapist, McKinnon's Kellyanne said, "I love that we agree on the small stuff, like small government and no food for poor." 

The digital short also featured a spoof of the fight scene in Marriage Story that has been turned into countless memes ever since the movie hit Netflix.