'SNL': Kyle Mooney's Baby Yoda Calls Baby Groot His Enemy, Shares Friendship With Timothée Chalamet

SNL Baby Yoda Weekend Update Segment — Publicity — H 2019
Will Heath/NBC

A special visitor made an appearance during the latest installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live

Given the hype surrounding the Baby Yoda character on the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, Michael Che decided to interview the star of the show — portrayed by Kyle Mooney — during the "Weekend Update" segment. 

Sitting in what Che described as his signature "space carriage," Mooney's Baby Yoda broke down what the success of the show has brought him: "People are liking the show. All the memes and the fans, some sliding in the DMs a little bit. ... It’s been very, um, beneficial."

Surprised that the supposed infant could talk, Mooney's Baby Yoda emphasized that speaking like the original Yoda has been "played out." 

Throughout the segment, Mooney's Baby Yoda reveals that he shares a friendship "squad" with actors Timothée Chalamet and Robert Pattinson — and the two guys from the Sonic commercials — and has an upcoming Netflix stand-up special, in which he will share gossip about hook-ups on the set of The Mandalorian. Later on, he addressed a rival he has acquired after gaining popularity from the show. 

"Baby Groot, do me a favor: Keep my name out your little tree mouth before I snap you like a twig," he yelled, before Che ended the segment.