'SNL': Larry David Is Back as Bernie Sanders

'Saturday Night Live' welcomed back the comedian to mock Trump and wonder what superdelegates are.
Larry David on 'SNL'

SNL cannot get enough of this election season. 

Covering Ben Carson's endorsement of Donald Trump, the March 12 episode's cold open featured Trump, played by Darrell Hammond, speaking to his supporters. 

"My guest today is so tremendous," he said. "Dr. Ben Carson is a very special man … and for once I don't mean that as an insult for the mentally challenged." 

Carson, once again played by Jay Pharoah, responded, "I am so thrilled to be here today. I am positively turnt," he calmly said. "We're like night and day, ebony and orangey."

Larry David returned to play Bernie Sanders once again to massive applause, commenting on his big win in Michigan in SNL's faux news coverage. 

"I want to thank everyone for voting for me, and apologize to everyone else for making your Facebook page so … SO much." 

Jake Tapper (played by Beck Bennett) asked Sanders about delegates, and the candidate agreed that no one knows what a superdelegate is anyway. 

The sketch even covered the recent violence at a Trump rally, but focused the violence on one imagined scenario: Carson himself. 

"Guys, what did I say?" Trump yelled at his supporters. "Not this one!"

Trump even used the moment as a way to market his steaks (that Carson was using to keep the swelling down on his eye). 

Ariana Grande was the host and musical guest for the episode.