'SNL': Larry David, Jason Sudeikis and More Make Cameos in Democratic Debate Cold Open

SNL Cold Open Bernie Sanders Larry David 2-8-20 - Screengrab - H 2020

Saturday Night Live parodied the most recent Democratic debate in its Feb. 8 episode, where a number of familiar faces made cameo appearances as presidential candidates. 

Jason Sudeikis tackled the role of former Vice President Joe Biden, commenting on his recent big losses in Iowa. "I'll be honest: Losing Iowa was a real kick in the nuts," Sudeikis' Biden said.

Colin Jost reprised his impression of former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, declaring in the sketch that the real winner in Iowa was Donald Trump.

Larry David also came back as Bernie Sanders. "If you think I'm loud when I talk, you should hear me chew," David's Sanders said.

Bowen Yang played Andrew Yang, while former castmember Rachel Dratch made a cameo as Sen. Amy Klobuchar. She compared herself and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, played by Kate McKinnon, to J.Lo and Shakira in a reference to the recent Super Bowl halftime show.

Fred Armisen made a brief cameo as Mike Bloomberg, who was the sponsor of the event.

When asked about how to win the black vote, Jost's Buttigieg said he has heard that he has been called Mayo Pete but added "Trust me: I’m not that spicy." He also referred to himself as "White Obama."

"I'm here, I'm square, get used to it," Dratch's Klobuchar said after wondering why she hasn't been doing better during her campaign. 

"What? The doctor said I had six to eight months," Sudeikis' Biden said when told by the moderator that he had 60 seconds.