'SNL' Recap: Lindsay Lohan Embraces Bad-Girl Reputation, Gives Disney Princesses 'Real Housewives' Treatment (Video)

Lohan Thompson SNL

A lot has happened since Lindsay Lohan last hosted Saturday Night Live in 2006, and she and the SNL cast didn’t shy away from the slew of legal troubles, rehab stints, and career challenges the actress has faced since.

In the opening monologue, cast members approached Lohan to tell her how pleased they were to have her back, all the while taking measures to check if the famously flaky Lohan really would make it through the show.

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Kenan Thompson shined a flashlight in Lohan’s eyes to see if she was high. Kristen Wiig gave Lohan a prolonged hug, which turned into a frisking. Jimmy Fallon dropped by to tell Lohan Jon Hamm was on standby if she didn’t make it through the show. Hamm really was in the audience, and mouthed to Fallon that he was there if things got ugly.

Lohan’s strongest contribution to the episode may have been her turn as Rapunzel on The Real Housewive’s of Disney, a riff off of the Bravo reality shows.

The sketch sees Disney princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine, at Rapunzel's castle-warming party. 

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True to the real life shows, there is a lot of bickering and some crying, too. Jasmine breaks down because she was tricked into sleeping with the evil parrot Iago (he was mimicking Aladdin’s voice), and Cinderella appears to be married to a closeted Prince Charming (“Here’s some good advice: Never marry a guy whose really into shoes,” she says). Lohan’s Rapunzel nearly gets her legendarily long hair torn off in a catfight.

SNL touched on the jail theme once more when a character played by Thompson, and Lohan playing herself, attempt to scare straight a few young men who were caught stealing a bicycle. Thompson’s character says theft is the beginning of a long, ugly path. Lohan adds that the path ends “in Malibu in rehab.”

The young men don’t think that punishment sounds too bad.

SNL is new next week with host Jonah Hill and musical guest the Shins.