'SNL' Makes Fun of Oscar Winners and Losers in Game Show Spoof

The worlds of awards shows and game shows merged on the latest installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live.

In a spoof of Family Feud, with Kenan Thompson playing Steve Harvey, the game show pitted Oscar winners against Oscar losers and packed a lot of Hollywood impressions into one sketch. Kate McKinnon impersonated Frances McDormand, who won an Oscar last week for her performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. "For all you ladies out there, I have two words that are going to change our industry: burlap dress," she said.

Beck Bennett portrayed Guillermo del Toro, who won best director honors for The Shape of Water. The Harvey character called him "Gucci Del Taco" and made plenty of jokes about the movie's premise, which involves a mute cleaning lady who falls in love with a fish monster.

Chris Redd played Jordan Peele, who won an Oscar for his Get Out screenplay. "Sketch comedy is great, but at some point, you have to move on," he said. In a meta bit, Thompson slipped out of character for a moment. "How many years?" he asked in a panic.

Host Sterling K. Brown played Common and faced off with McKinnon's McDormand in the first round, breaking into an inspirational rap.

Allison Janney, Willem Dafoe, Sally Hawkins and Timothee Chalamet were also skewered in the sketch, although there wasn't quite enough time to let all of those impressions develop.