'SNL': Matt Damon Plays Beer-Shotgunning, Bro-y Brett Kavanaugh in Cold Open

Saturday Night Live tackled Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh's contentious hearing in its season 44 premiere on Saturday, with Matt Damon making a guest appearance as the SCOTUS nominee. Castmembers Cecily Strong and Alex Moffat also appeared as senators Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Grassley, respectively, while Rachel Dratch made a cameo as Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

"I'm a keg-is-half-filled kind of guy," Damon's Kavanaugh said during the sketch, alluding to how often Kavanaugh mentioned beer in his hearing on Thursday. Beer came up many times in the sketch, as Damon exuded angry energy throughout the cold open. He also referenced Kavanaugh's "beautiful, creepy calendars" frequently as a way to avoid the questions.

A cardboard cutout of Alyssa Milano, who attended the hearing as a guest of Feinstein and sat behind Kavanaugh, also made an appearance. After this aired, Milano herself tweeted a screenshot of the cardboard's appearance with the hashtag #SNL.

Strong's Feinstein tried to ask Damon's Kavanaugh about an FBI investigation, a question that Kavanaugh repeatedly avoided on Thursday, and was met by persistent evasion.

Castmember Aidy Bryant then appeared as attorney Rachel Mitchell, who was referred to as the "female assistant," "stewardess" and "Ms. Frizzle" during the sketch. "I'm here mostly for Twitter," she said.

Dratch's Sen. Klobuchar questioned Kavanaugh about his drinking habits during the hearing. "I was the proudest, drunkest virgin you've ever seen," Damon's Kavanaugh said in defense of himself.

Kate McKinnon appeared as Sen. Lindsey Graham, declaring: "This is hell." After delivering a speech like Graham's impassioned monologue on the Senate floor, she added, "This is my audition for Mr. Trump's cabinet and also for a regional production of The Crucible."

"I went to Yale!" Damon's Kavanaugh shouted, becoming emotional after Strong's Feinstein asked if he has the right temperament to be on the U.S. Supreme Court. He then shotgunned a can of water before delivering season 44's first "live from New York" line.