'SNL' Promos: Melissa McCarthy Pitches New Super Bowl Names (Video)

Melissa McCarthy SNL Promo - H 2014

Melissa McCarthy SNL Promo - H 2014

Melissa McCarthy returns for a third time to Saturday Night Live -- with the Super Bowl and the Olympics the topics of the hour.

Because the Super Bowl isn't being broadcast on NBC (it's on Fox this year), the Mike & Molly star was forced to use NBC's pre-approved alternative terms for the big game. Rooting for the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos in the Live Ball War: The Game? Curious how the teams will fare in the cold weather during the Televised Man Battle With Ball? McCarthy and SNL regular Kenan Thompson seem to think one of these terms will catch on.

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In another promo, McCarthy did her Sochi Winter Olympics due diligence (NBC begins coverage Feb. 6) with a joke about the Olympic torch. An out-of-breath McCarthy showed off the torch (really just a bunch of newspapers) someone had scammed her into buying -- complete with a lighter! "First of all, I know because I'm a big Olympian fan and I think somewhere on here he said it says 'Olympic Torch Certified.' And he gave me a little card," McCarthy says. Thompson breaks the news that it's just regular newspaper. "Yeah, Olympic newspaper -- and I got it," McCarthy excitedly says. "I guess I start running?"

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Other promos highlighted McCarthy's third time as host, but things got violent when the actress believed Thompson alluded to her first two SNL stints as being substandard; a song riff on Imagine Dragons' name; and a not-so-impressive McCarthy-Thompson dance-off.

Grammy-winning rock band Imagine Dragons, who performed with Kendrick Lamar at the Jan. 26 awards show, is this week's musical guest. This weekend's episode also marks "Weekend Update" co-anchor Seth Meyers' last episode before he debuts on Late Night on Feb. 24.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.

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