'SNL': Mikey Day Introduces Guests at the Royal Wedding Reception as Prince Harry

As royal wedding mania dwindled in the hours following the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — NBC's Saturday Night Live put its own spin on the union across the pond.

Mikey Day, donning a red wig and bead, reprised his impression of Prince Harry in what he dubbed the "official wedding video 2018." 

"What's up? It's your boy Harry Windsor, aka Ron Sleasly," Day slurred, explaining to the camera that at 2 a.m., the reception was still going strong. He took the crew around the party, introducing various attendees such as Chris Redd as one of Markle's "outnumbered" relatives, and a tipsy Kate Middleton played by Cecily Strong. "For the past six years, I've been, like, pregnant the whole time," she said. "So I'm going hard tonight!"

Day's Prince Harry also talked to an unenthusiastic Prince Charles (Beck Bennett) and Markle's great uncle (Kenan Thompson), with his arm slung around a wide-eyed Queen Elizabeth, played by Kate McKinnon. "I was just telling her majesty here that she has got to start watching The Crown, because they make her look like a bitch on that show!" Thompson's character said. 

Alex Moffat's Prince William eventually made an appearance, revealing his spot in the corner with a cup of tea and a baby carrier. 

A door to another room held guests described by Day's Prince Harry as the "randos" who show up "even though you didn't think they would." Among those in the "cheap seats" were one of the "briefcase girls" who worked with Markle on Deal or No Deal (Heidi Gardner), a seemingly random Duchess known as "Auntie Creepie" (host Tina Fey), Russell Brand (Pete Davidson), and a singing Elton John (Aidy Bryant).

Leslie Jones was also there, but as herself. "I started tweeting about the wedding two days ago, and then I got invited," she said. "Just like the Olympics, that's my thing. I might be at that North Korea meeting."

Day and Moffat debuted the impressions of the brothers in a "Weekend Update" interview in January.