'SNL' Mocks Carnival Cruise in Cold Open (Video)

SNL Cold Open Feb 16 - H 2013

Saturday Night Live tackled the Carnival Cruise disaster in its cold open, showing two crew members (played by Jason Sudeikis and Cecily Strong) trying to entertain the ill-fated passengers of the ship that became stranded for days after a small fire.

Sudeikis’ character praises the passengers, saying they looked pretty great for people who haven’t showered in four days.

Then, in a rather ballsy move, the SNL sketch included a joke referencing the alleged murder of Olympian Oscar Pistorius girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

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The crew members attempted to cheer up the passengers by reading headlines from the week’s newspapers (delivered via helicopter). But each story was more depressing than the previous: The Pope resigned, the North Koreans tested a nuke, and that "uplifting" Oscar Pistorius? He was accused of murdering his girlfriend.

They finally find a story they think will do the trick:

“You think you guys have it bad? Well, how about this: '4,000 stranded on a cruise' -- Oh. That’s about us.”

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Other horrible forms of entertainment included a comedian doing a bad Chris Rock impersonation and the ship’s own captain trying to do a Michael Jackson impression.

SNL airs at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.