'SNL' Mocks CIA Torture Report in Cold Open

SNL Cold Open Torture Still - H 2014

This week's Saturday Night Live episode took aim at the recent Senate findings about the CIA's torture techniques.

The cold open focused on Charlie Rose interviewing the two psychologists responsible for devising the interrogation methods.

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Rose (Taran Killam) began the segment by comparing the report to a Cheesecake Factory: "[It's] 600 pages of sickening details, and yet I couldn't put it down."

The psychologists, played by Bobby Moynihan and Kyle Mooney, claimed to have been responsible for various forms of torture throughout society, including Time Warner cable's customer service hotline and grocery stores' self-check lines.

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"It sure ducking was," one of the guys said about autocorrect also being their idea.

Host Martin Freeman did not appear in the sketch. Read the episode's full recap here

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