'SNL' Takes Aim at Democrats' Midterm Election Anxiety

SNL Midterm Sketch - H 2018 Screengrab

NBC's Saturday Night Live has taken aim at Tuesday's midterm elections.

On Saturday's episode, hosted by Jonah Hill, the castmembers starred in a pre-taped mock political ad in which they appeared as Democratic voters preparing for the so-called "Blue Wave" on Tuesday. However, their words and actions were quite a bit different.

"It's a win we need and a win we're going to get," Beck Bennett said while holding a cup of coffee and shaking profusely.

Kate McKinnon was then shown arranging flowers with quivering hands saying, "They say don't trust the polls, but I'm choosing to." Later, her character reappeared to confidently say, "This one's in the bag," only for the camera to pull back and reveal her pouring an entire bottle of whiskey into a flower vase and drinking from it.

It wasn't only human beings getting in on the anxiety, however, as Leslie Jones was shown holding a kitten which rolled its eyes after she said, "White women promised to do the right thing this time. They're not going to let us down, right?"

Host Hill also appeared in the sketch as a doctor pleading with his patient, Kenan Thompson, to vote.

The sketch ended with an image of the Democratic Party's mascot, a donkey, with a concerned look on its face beside the message: "Vote! Please?"