'SNL' Mocks Nelson Mandela Funeral Sign Language Interpreter (Video)

SNL Cold Open Interpreter - H 2013

Saturday Night Live tackled Nelson Mandela’s funeral during its cold open this week.

President Barack Obama made plenty of headlines for his trip to Mandela’s memorial service this week  -- not for his speech, but for a number of snafus that happened during his trip to South Africa.

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During a press conference, Obama (Jay Pharoah) wanted to address progress on his Obamacare website, but first had to address the selfie he took with fellow world leaders -- confirming Michelle Obama “was furious” about it. He also defended his controversial handshake with Cuban President Raúl Castro, saying the Cuban leader had told Obama he was Edward James Olmos.

Obama went on to speak about the phony sign language interpreter who stood next to Obama during his Mandela memorial speech, and then started to talk about HealthCare.gov. But as he spoke, the interpreter (Kenan Thompson) appeared behind Obama, mimicking his words.

When Obama used the word “website,” the interpreter pretended to shoot webs like Spider-Man. Later, the interpreter began rubbing his nipples when Obama said “I’m just relieved the website has been turned on again.”

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Then a jealous German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Kate McKinnon) showed up to demand a selfie with the president, before Obama ordered the Secret Service to cart her off.

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