'SNL' Mocks 'Sound of Music Live!' With Special Guests (Video)

SNL Sound of Music Cold Open - H 2013

Saturday Night Live took on NBC's other live show of the week during its cold open.

SNL presented a "condensed" version of its three-hour The Sound of Music Live!, going through the highlights with Kate McKinnon playing Maria, and Taran Killam playing Captain von Trapp.

It was all going pretty well, until Kristen Wiig showed up to play a weird member of the von Tramp clan, a child with tiny plastic hands (which she used to feel Maria's breasts).

The children were pretty slow to learn but quick to tell Maria they didn't understand her when she suggested "Let's sing a song."

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"What's a song?" one asked?  "What does sing mean?"  asked another, while a third said "What does 'let's' mean?"

Wiig's character ruined " Do-Re-Mi," singing that "re" is "the guy in the bar that tries to lay on me."

Soon von Trapp returned and ordered his children to go stare at the sun as punishment for singing in the house. He and Maria share a moment and fall in love, and then it was time for another musical number, with Wiig's character singing about fording a river and a fish swimming up her skirt "liking" how it felt.

SNL alum Fred Armisen showed up at the end to ask "wasn't that wonderful and moving and still way too long for anyone to bear?"

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Read a full recap of the episode, which was hosted by Paul Rudd with musical guest One Direction.

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