'SNL': Obama Spars With MLK Jr. in Cold Open (Video)

SNL Cold Open Jan 26 - H 2013

It's not the meeting of minds you might expect.

Saturday Night Live imagined what it would be like if President Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. had an inauguration day chat.

Speaking to King’s ghost (Kenan Thompson), Obama (Jay Pharoah) hopes to have a heart-to-heart about issues plaguing the U.S. King, however, is more interested in talking about Beyonce’s inauguration appearance and how sexy she looked.

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“Did you see her out there -- because I was like whaaaat?”

Obama concedes she’s “a beautiful woman.”

Raquel Welch was beautiful. Beyonce is like damnnnn,” King says. “I had to keep pinching myself. I thought I was having one of my favorite ‘dreams’.”

Obama tries to turn the talk to important issues, when King brings up reports Beyonce lip-synced her National Anthem performance.

“And I care why?" King asked. "Hashtag: Jay-z is one lucky man.”

Obama says there are important national “changes” brewing to discuss. But the pop-culture obsessed King won’t have it.

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“Speaking of change, what’s up with Michelle’s bangs? What is she, a new castmember on the New Girl?

He then says having the first black president is good, but where is the first black magician? The first black king of England? Or the first black member of One Direction?

This week’s episode of SNL was hosted by The Voice’s Adam Levine and features musical guest Kendrick Lamar.

SNL airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.