'SNL' Offers "Next" Deodorant for Men Accused of Sexual Harassment in Spoof

'SNL' Deodorant Commercial - H 2018 Screengrab

In a commercial spoof, NBC's Saturday Night Live touched on the current onslaught of sexual misconduct allegations coming out against men across Hollywood, Washington and beyond on this weekend's installment by advertising “Next for Men,” a deodorant “for men feeling the heat...because their time is coming up."

“The way I sweat, my regular deodorant wasn’t cutting it anymore," host Will Ferrell, playing a businessman who has just been fired for sexual misconduct, says in the spoof. "I work hard and I play hard. And something’s coming out about me real soon…because I’m next.”

Castmember Kyle Mooney portrays a stand-up comedian who goes up to the mic just before people start receiving notifications about a scandal involving him. “It’s happening,” he says, “but not under here,” he adds, lifting his arm to show his sweat-free armpits.

“For when the truth comes out about you, Next gives you extra strength and antiperspirant,” the voiceover says.

Castmember Alex Moffat plays an actor walking on the red carpet who is asked about current allegations against him. He fumbles over his response, but also reveals his sweat-free armpit.

“You’re disgusting,” a woman says to Ferrell's character. “But my pits aren’t,” he replies.