'Saturday Night Live': Paul Rudd, Miley Cyrus, Adam Sandler Appear on Second At-Home Special

Paul Rudd, Miley Cyrus, Adam Sandler - SNL - April 25 - H 2020

NBC's Saturday Night Live returned this week for its second iteration of SNL At Home, a virtual version of the show made for social distancing times. Castmembers and celebrities recorded material for the show at home, with several sketches touching on new normals viewers may be experiencing while sheltering in place. 

Saturday's episode included a new iteration of the long-running sketch "What Up With That?," hosted by Kenan Thompson’s Diondre Cole. Charles Barkley and DJ Khaled played themselves in the sketch, and Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis made guest appearances. Bill Hader also briefly appeared as Lindsey Buckingham.

In a news parody sketch, Ego Nwodim interviewed Mikey Day, who portrayed a news anchor who had tested positive for COVID-19. As Day tried to discuss his quarantine experience, his daughter kept enabling face filters on her phone during the segment.

Pete Davidson contributed a new music video sketch, singing about the loneliness and boredom of quarantine. Adam Sandler also recorded a verse for the video, singing, "I'm so bored I’m doing songs with Pete." His daughters also appeared in the sketch, holding up signs at the end reading, "Thank you first responders. We love you."

Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon poked fun at grocery workers trying to tout in-stock products that even amid a pandemic no one will touch — such as "fluoride bananas," "impossible lobster," "oat milk pizza" and "Mario Batali pasta sauce." The two also advertised an at-home barbecue kit that consisted of a whole pig, a knife and barbecue sauce. The sketch also poked fun at Dasani water for consistently being in stock.

Thompson would take on two professional athletes later in the show, first as former pro baseball player David "Big Papi" Ortiz hosting an at-home cooking tutorial sketch with singer Bad Bunny as a guest. Thompson also appeared as O.J. Simpson, giving a shout-out to Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live. "People are just too uptight and paranoid," he said, adding that people at the grocery store looked at him like he had killed someone when he removed his mask.

Chloe Fineman contributed a sketch about an Airbnb host and her guest Ooli who had not left since the quarantine started. In another sketch, Chris Redd played a man who was recently released from jail due to the pandemic, calling up his former flings played by Nwodim, Bryant and Cecily Strong.

Miley Cyrus was the surprise music guest, singing a timely rendition of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" in what appeared to be a backyard with moody red lighting. 

Michael Che and Colin Jost once again did an at-home version of "Weekend Update," covering topics like President Donald Trump’s latest comments on COVID-19. Davidson also dropped by the "desk" as himself.

There also was a follow-up to the recurring Soul Cycle sketches, featuring Bowen Yang as a trainer who said it’s important to stay positive: "I moved to New York two days before quarantine," he said.

"My name is Korona with a 'K,'" Nwodim chimed in as another trainer. Heidi Gardner's trainer persona noted she wouldn't have to worry about getting COVID-19 because she’s 22.

Touching on a common social-distancing activity, Paul Rudd made a guest appearance, FaceTiming with his cousin Mandy, played by Gardner. She made fun of him for not being famous enough to be featured in Gal Gadot’s "Imagine" compilation.

"The Reveal" provided a Zoom-based Law & Order parody, featuring Beck Bennett as a detective. Strong played a suspect who sang her new song while they were waiting for another suspect to join.

In one of the final sketches for Saturday Night Live's second "at home" episode, McKinnon continued her Whiskers R We sketch from home, joking that even in quarantine "every day is Caturday."