'SNL': Peter Dinklage Goes Behind the Scenes with 'Game of Thrones' Dragons

The HBO star also sang "Space Pants" with Gwen Stefani.
Peter Dinklage, Bobby Moynihan on 'SNL'

Game of Thrones' Tyrion Lannister finally showed his more comedic side on the April 2 episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live. The HBO star sang an out-of-this-world tune, joked with George R.R. Martin and even provided some behind-the-scenes "footage" of Game of Thrones' season six

Peter Dinklage served as host with musical guest Gwen Stefani, who joined him for a sketch about lounge singers singing while a mob boss tried to threaten his employees.

His song "Space Pants" served to distract the whole group, with lyrics like "Did you see my pants? No, you missed them. My pants are a tour of the solar system!" When joined by Stefani on stage, Dinklage even expanded the song to include "Space Shorts."

In a Game of Thrones-themed sketch in honor of the upcoming sixth-season premiere, Dinklage welcomed fans to a sneak peek of the show with Kate McKinnon's Daenerys and Bobby Moynihan's dragon, which involved a motion-capture suit, green screen and large floating dragon head. 

Dinklage did most of his scenes with Moynihan, excited to "finally get some screen time with those scene stealers, the dragons." 

Moynihan earlier joined Dinklage in his monologue as well, playing Game of Thrones author Martin. Dinklage poked fun at him, claiming the author actually penned the monologue as he procrastinated writing the next long-anticipated book in the series. 


Dinklage and Leslie Jones also starred in a "celebrity version" of Naked and Afraid, in which they brought survival items to make it in the great outdoors — primarily Dinklage's fire-starter kit and Jones' hot sauce. The episode was tense as Jones tried to keep him alive with her body warmth and kept calling him Tyrion. 

Dinklage returns to season six of Game of Thrones on April 24. 

Russell Crowe will host the April 9 episode of SNL with musical guest Margo Price, with show alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus set to follow on April 16 with Nick Jonas.