'SNL' Pokes Fun at 'Game of Thrones' Twist

SNL Game of Thrones Sketch - H 2016

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for episode two, season six of HBO's Game of Thrones, "Home."]

The cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live seemed to have been a bit frustrated with that recent Game of Thrones twist. 

Gathered around the body of Jon Snow (Pete Davidson), Ser Davos (Taran Killam) and two local women (Cecily Strong and host Brie Larson) discussed their options. Should they bury him? “No, let’s leave him out on this slab so that everyone can see how dead he really is," said Ser Davos

But Strong and Larson's characters weren't putting up with his lollygagging. "Oh my god, this is so slow — just bring him hack to life already!" said Larson's character. 

Ser Davos assured her that Snow was "super dead," in fact, a "10 of dead" on a scale of one to 10. But Strong and Larson complained (as characters as well as Game of Thrones fans) that they "only get 10 hours of this a year," so they wanted the show to hurry things up. 

That's when fellow SNL castmember Kate McKinnon entered as the mysterious Melisandre, who wanted to help but first had to "think about it for a full 10 minutes” because her magic "only works if it's done very slowly.

"My magic might not work — this is a real edge-of-your-seat kind of a thing,” Melisandre said as she slowly cut his hair and threw it into a fire one strand at a time. 

But then (spoiler alert!) when Snow awoke, he immediately said, “I miss my family. Take me to Bran. I want to see what Bran’s up to," which upset Larson and Strong's characters even more.