'SNL' Pokes Fun at Recent Religious Films With New Digital Short

Vanessa Bayer SNL Digital Short - H 2016

Saturday Night Live discovered religion in its April 16 episode, according to a new parody trailer. 

The episode, hosted by Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus, ended with a digital short that poked fun at the many religious films that have been released lately with A-list stars. 

In the parody trailer for God Is a Boob Man, Beth (played by Vanessa Bayer), is just a "small-town baker without a care" until a gay couple came to the bakery and “her faith was tested,” says the narrator. A gay couple, played by SNL's Taran Killam and Jon Rudnitsky, hires her to bake them a wedding cake, but she refuses. 

"From the makers of God on the Run and Angel in Denim, a story of liberal elites run wild," explains the narrator. After she is brought to court for refusing to make the cake, she refuses to say that god is gay. “If god is gay, then why aren’t there any gay priests?” Beth yells in the courtroom. "God is a boob man!"

Louis-Dreyfus hosted the April 16 episode with musical guest Nick Jonas. The episode also announced that Brie Larson will host the May 7 episode with musical guest Alicia Keys.