'SNL' Political Sketch Features Press Conference With Dog Involved in ISIS Raid

NBC's latest installment of Saturday Night Live featured a political sketch that initially addressed Beto O’Rourke dropping out of the Democratic presidential nomination race before segueing into a press conference started by Kellyanne Conway, who was played by castmember Kate McKinnon.

The press conference featured Conan "the K-9 Commando," the dog involved in the recent killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The pooch was joined by a special forces K-9 interpreter played by SNL's Cecily Strong, who said she has a masters in K-9 linguistics from Dr. Doolittle University.

"I was just on dog Twitter, and I was reading some disturbing stories about you. Are they true?" a reporter played by castmember Aidy Bryant asked. Strong said that Conan admitted to "dressing up in cat face" on Halloween and that he also barked at a black man but that he "literally doesn’t see color."

Conan also said that Kylie Jenner won Halloween and dissed the Presidential medal presented to him by Donald Trump.

"Scooter, if you’re watching, Daddy loves you — go to bed," Conan also said.

The reporters did not have any questions for the human involved in the raid.