'SNL' Castmembers Perform Ode to Bill Hader in New Promo

Saturday Night Live castmembers Pete Davidson and Chris Redd love Bill Hader so much they can't stop rapping about it at him until he knows it in the new promo for the alum's SNL hosting gig this weekend. 

In the promo, Davidson and Redd pay homage to the comic actor in a music video where they freestyle about their admiration for Hader. “My favorite host, I love him more than my real dad,” Redd raps, as his dad “Melvin” makes a quick guest appearance.

Adds Davidson, “He got me my job. I owe him my [bleep]-ing life,” to which Hader quips, “I regret it.”

Throughout the video, the current SNL castmembers actively attempt to be around Hader by trapping him in an elevator and sneaking into his bathroom. “We worked really hard on this promo,” Davidson shouts, as he and Redd are then shown being escorted away from security. 

Though their rap acts as a declaration of their love for Hader, he appears visibly uncomfortable by the pair's dedication, later joking, “This is a little much. Stop.”

Hader is set to return to the long-running NBC sketch show on Saturday with musical guest Arcade Fire.