Fred Armisen Says All Your Questions Will Be Answered in 'SNL' Season Finale

Fred Armison SNL promos - Publicity - H 2016
Dana Edelson/NBC

Fred Armisen is very anxious to promote the long-anticipated season finale of Saturday Night Live

"The finale will answer all of your questions," teased castmember Kate McKinnon. Who lives? Who dies? Who breaks up? What does it all mean? Why are we here?

Armisen, an SNL vet, also unfortunately forgot the format of the program during the promo, prematurely introducing the show with "Live From New York!" before McKinnon interrupted him: "You worked here ... do you not remember?"

And in a true "more you know" moment, Armisen pleaded with fans to watch on May 21. "Just tune in, it's an easy thing to do. ... We are on the show, so we can't really watch it," he said. "So it's up to you to do the watching."

Added McKinnon, "We're going to show up and do our job, so please do your part as well." 

Armisen hosts SNL on May 21 with musical guest Courtney Barnett.

Watch the full promo below.