'Hunger Games' Star Josh Hutcherson Catches Fire, Takes Ultimate 'SNL' Test (Video)

The actor gets grilled about the "Hunger Games" follow-up and takes the "SNL Initiation Test" in three minutes' worth of promos.

It's Hunger Games fever on Saturday Night Live!

Josh Hutcherson (aka Peeta Mellark) makes his SNL hosting debut this weekend, and NBC has released three minutes' worth of promos teasing his upcoming stint, one day after The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits U.S. theaters.

In the promos, Hutcherson appears alongside veteran SNL castmember Bobby Moynihan. Hutcherson's youth is easy fodder for Moynihan, who feigns shock that the actor is only 21 years old -- making him one of the younger SNL hosts.

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Of course, SNL takes a few stabs at mocking the Hunger Games blockbuster film franchise. First, Moynihan says that he yells "Now it's time for the Hunger Games to begin!" when he's, well, hungry. Next, Moynihan and Hutcherson are seen with special-effects flames on their shirts in a nod to Katniss and Peeta's fire costumes. Then, Hutcherson reveals a major "spoiler" for the Catching Fire sequel.

In another promo, Moynihan scoffs when Hutcherson says he has "so many ideas" for sketches. "Whoa, whoa, whoa ... who do you think you are? Justin Timberlake? Come on, man," Moynihan asks, before putting Hutcherson through the "SNL Initiation Test."

Watch the rest of the promos below.

Hutcherson takes the Studio 8H stage this Saturday night with musical guest Haim.

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