'SNL': Rachel Brosnahan Hosts Political First Episode of 2019

Rachel Brosnahan, who won a Golden Globe and Emmy for her work as the lead of Amazon Prime's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, hosted the first Saturday Night Live episode of 2019.

The latest installment of the NBC late-night sketch show frequently referenced the government shutdown, including in Brosnahan’s monologue, during which she sang a song with castmember Cecily Strong about wanting to have positive energy in the new year but kept getting distracted by thinking about current events including the shutdown and the Los Angeles teachers’ strike.

In her first sketch, Brosnahan appeared as a doctor in a bit about a government building affected by an earthquake, resulting in the injuries of a bunch of people who were waiting to fill out paperwork to change their names. The sketch then became a runner of ridiculous names, like Donald McRonald, Mark Peanus, Lisa Simpson, Bill Cosbie and Todd Kobel.

Brosnahan also appeared on a game show called Millennial Millions alongside SNL castmember Pete Davidson. They had to go through different challenges, like listening to a baby boomer complain for 30 seconds without interrupting, to win health insurance and social security.

A commercial parody featuring Brosnahan advertised Leave Me Alurn, a portable urn used by women to make men trying to talk to them think they’re about to spread the ashes of someone.

The episode also included a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-inspired sketch.