'Real Housewives of Disney' Deleted Scenes From 'SNL' Released to Web (Video)

Having gone viral immediately after airing, the sketch's outtakes have been posted online for some more spoofery fun.

When Saturday Night Live parodied The Real Housewives franchise with its Disney-fied take on the series, it was instantly greeted as a spot-on sendup of a reality-in-name-only show. It was so funny, in fact, that the professional comedians making the video couldn't help but bust into laughter while filming.

With an internet hit on its hands, NBC has followed up "The Real Housewives of Disney" with a new video cut of the skit's goofups and bloopers. There is Kristen Wiig, as a sallow Cinderella, rhapsodizing on the harsher scents in life; Vanessa Bayer exchanging high fives with the inanimate arms of her would-be dwarves; and Lindsay Lohan, that week's host, bursting into laughter over a threat to her Rapunzel mane.

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The sketch was one of the few critical successes from Lohan's hosting gig, which was panned by those grading the comedy show. That said, the episode was the second-highest rated SNL of the season, which was likely the aim all along when they signed up the lightning rod Lohan to host.