'SNL' Recap: Bruce Willis Recreates 'Armageddon' (Video)

The actor played up his action hero cred and helped create a dance video that is likely to go viral.

Bruce Willis parodied himself to perfection on this week's Saturday Night Live.

His finest moment came in a Navy SEALS sketch centered on a group of men prepping for a mission, each telling their commanding officer what they would be doing.

Though he was supposed to be sitting in the van, Willis insisted he would carry out a series of increasingly ridiculous action tropes. His plan began with kicking in the bad guy's door and asking if anyone ordered a pizza and ended with him diving out of an exploding room and landing in a Ferrari driven by a beautiful blonde.

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Later, Willis unleashed an Armageddon parody featuring a bunch of hard asses, plus a creepy Bobby Moynihan as a guy more concerned about getting back to Earth to see his kitty than saving the planet. 

Willis went against type with the hilarious short "Boy Dance Party," which will surely go viral by Sunday morning. The music video showed what dudes really do on football Sunday when their wives are away.

"In the older days, the ladies stayed at home and went to work. Now it's time for the ladies to get out so the boys can stay home and twerk," Moynihan sang. The video has a refrain in which the guys repeat "shake the sack." Yes, that sack.

Willis couldn't resist playing harmonica during his opening monologue, which centered on Moynihan trying to become Willis' son.

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Cecily Strong really hit her stride during Weekend Update, where she and Seth Meyers riffed on the split between Bruce and Kris Jenner.

"If they can't make it then – that makes perfect sense," Meyers said. Strong added: " 'It's sad but I'm excited to start my new life as a single, middle-aged woman,' said Bruce.' "

SNL took on the big movie of the month, Gravity, with the two astronauts falling victim to the government shutdown in the cold open. When they called Houston for help, only janitors played by Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon were around to answer.

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"In Willy Wonka. Charlie and Grandpa use a series of small burps to get down," Thompson suggested as a solution for returning to Earth. That didn't go over well.

The big surprise of the night? Musical guest Katy Perry (a former SNL host herself) didn't participate in any of the sketches.

SNL returns Oct. 26 with host Edward Norton and musical guest Janelle Monae.

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