'SNL' Recap: Daniel Craig Honors His Victims; President Obama's Inner Monologue Revealed (Video)

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Daniel Craig killed as SNL host—at least in his opening monologue, where he remembered all the on-screen bad guys he’s dispatched over the years.

Craig, starring in an episode which saw him ditch his James Bond sex appeal in favor of playing creepier sorts of characters, said he loved comedy, but noted he didn't have the opportunity for much of that in recent years.

To emphasize the point, he unveiled an in memoriam reel of his movie victims. To the tune of Louis Armstrong’s “It's a Wonderful World,” scenes of Craig tearing people apart as Bond and Jake in Cowboys & Aliens appeared on screen.

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The cold open proved to be the episode’s high point. After two primetime specials ostensibly about politics but largely lacking the real-life fodder to make that happen, President Obama’s much talked about debate performance Wednesday was rife for SNL parody.

Michelle Obama appears in the audience as the president fumbles for answers, distracted by the fact that he forgot the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary.

“I can’t believe I forgot the anniversary gift. This is bad,” Obama thinks, via voiceover. “OK. I was distracted by the mess I inherited from Bush, but still, I should have remembered our anniversary.”

As he makes plans to get a present from his hotel gift shop, Mitt Romney is able to lay out 41 proposals (“Six abrupt reversal of positions, and three outright lies”).

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Moderator Jim Lehrer breaks in and interrupt Obama’s thoughts, informing the president Romney has just claimed credit for killing Osama Bin Laden.

Would the president like to respond?

“No. You two go ahead,” Obama says, dismissing them.

The other big news from the debate was Romney’s pledge to cut funding to PBS--Big Bird and all.  The actual Sesame Street character appeared on Weekend Update to talk about how that pledge has changed his life.

Big Bird now feels too famous to walk down the street like a “normal eight-foot tall yellow bird.”

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Aside from his opening monologue, Craig's presence was slight in the episode, but he did appear as James Bond in an ad for a 50th anniversary retrospective looking at the less well-known Bond girls.

The ad features sex symbols who don’t quite fit into the Bond universe. Diane Keaton (circa Annie Hall), Jodie Foster (during her Silence of the Lamb days), Lea Michele (in full Glee force) and 1980s Molly Ringwald all annoy their respective bonds. Michele is the most destructive, singing to Craig’s Bond while he tries to diffuse a bomb. It doesn’t turn out well.

Back on the debate front, MSNBC gives a post-mortem, trying to spin the event in a positive light for Obama. While Rachel Maddow obsesses over a “gaffe” in which Romney failed to pronounce a word, Al Sharpton provides perhaps the wildest theory on why Obama faltered.

Sharpton wonders if Romney and Obama switched bodies, ala Freaky Friday. He imagines the men meeting back stage, with the president expressing how hard it is to raise two girls, and Romney saying the same of raising five boys. At the same time, the presidential hopefuls say “What I wouldn’t give to switch places with you,” lightening strikes, and they switch bodies.

SNL is new next week with host Christina Applegate and musical guest Passion Pit.