'SNL' Recap: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Strips; Channels Most Interesting Man in the World (Video)

The actor paid homage to "Magic Mike" during an episode also featuring plenty of election humor and musical guest Mumford & Sons.

Saturday Night Live host Joseph Gordon-Levitt wasted little time before giving the people what they wanted: a Magic Mike-inspired strip tease.

“You know what my favorite part of Magic Mike was?” he asked in one of the least drawn out opening monologues in SNL history. “This part.”

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Gordon-Levitt then channeled Channing Tatum’s best moves to “It’s Raining Men,” doing a very different type of dance than he’d performed during his first SNL hosting gig in 2009. The bit ended with a strategically placed confetti gun blasting from his crotch.

The crowd went wild.

The briskly paced episode soon moved to Gordon-Levitt playing son to the Most Interesting Man in the World. But the son proved far less interesting than the father.

His boasts included such non-talents as owning five fedoras, “kind of” being able to break dance, claiming to have dated a model, and accidentally texting a picture of his genitals to his Chinese delivery man.

And rather than drinking Dos Equis, as his father did, the son loved Tres Equis. Jason Sudeikis made an appearance as the Most Interesting Man in the World to berate his son’s general lack of competence.

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Though the episode took place just days after SNL’s election season primetime special, there was still plenty of untapped political fodder for the show to tackle.

In an ad mocking undecided voters (and obliquely, the news networks who put them on air), people asked increasingly foolish questions that revealed their lack of basic knowledge about the American political system.

“Who is the president right now? Is he or she running,” one man asked in a tone suggesting serious contemplation. “If so, experience is maybe something we should consider.”

Another concerned citizen asked: “How long is a president’s term of office? One year? Two years? Three years? Or life?” If the answer is life, the man's wife reasoned, that’s not good because we don’t want to elect a dictator.

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During Weekend Update, Seth Meyers hit President Obama, whom SNL virtually ignored in its primetime special Thursday. Meyers skewered a gaffe Obama made, in which he said Washington could not be fixed from inside DC.

Meyers questioned why Obama even needed to be out their speaking, considering some of the mistakes Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made this week. (Meyers offered as evidence speculation that Romney spray tanned before his Univision forum, as well as his now infamous 47 percent comments.)

Back to Obama's gaffe, Meyers said: “Why are you saying anything during this Romney tailspin? You’re like the criminal who gets away with murder and starts sending the cops puzzle pieces to figure it out."

Musical guest Mumford & Sons lent their talents as a Beatles cover band for Gordon-Levitt's bachelor party, though the sketch was one of the cast's weaker efforts. 

SNL airs its second and final primetime edition of Weekend Update Thursday. Host Daniel Craig and musical guest Muse are slated for the Oct. 6 show.