'SNL' Recap: Mick Jagger Mocks Steven Tyler, Gives Kristen Wiig Emotional Sendoff (Video)

Mick Jagger and Kristen Wiig SNL 2012

Sir Mick Jagger brought the poise expected of a British knight and the flash expected of a rock legend as host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live’s season finale.

Jagger performed four times—with Foo Fighters, Jeff Beck, and twice with Arcade Fire. They were all terrific, but it was his last performance that packed the biggest punch, because it marked what was likely Kristen Wiig's final appearance on the SNL stage as a regular cast member.

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Wiig had been rumored to be leaving SNL after this season, and the night's final sketch appeared to confirm those rumors. It featured Jagger as a school head at a graduation ceremony. He called Wiig up (who took “seven years to graduate") to serenade her with an Arcade Fire-assisted rendition of “She’s a Rainbow" and “Ruby Tuesday.”

One by one, cast members and SNL producer Lorne Michaels danced with a teary-eyed Wiig. Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and former cast member Amy Poehler were also on hand for the apparent sendoff. 

Speaking of "Ruby Tuesday," in his opening monologue, Jagger answered questions he is commonly asked by journalists.

Did he has any life regrets? Why, yes. Jagger once turned down an offer from Ruby Tuesdays restaurant to sing at their grand opening. He would have been paid $1000 and received a lifetime supply of jalapeno poppers.

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Jagger said “not a day goes by” that he doesn’t regret turning the company down.

Later in the episode, Jagger played a mild mannered businessman at karaoke bar who had a crippling fear of singing in public. Meanwhile, his associate Rick (Fred Armisen) managed to impress the women they were with by singing the Stones’ “Start me up” and doing a great Jagger impersonation.

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One of the women gushed that she might sleep with Rick because of how Jagger-like he was. The sketch ended with Jagger’s character, unable to conquer his fear of performing in public, singing a morose piano version of “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" alone in the bar.

Jagger also got the opportunity to play another rock icon, Steven Tyler, for So You Think You Can Dance at an Outdoor Music Festival. Hosted by Dave Matthews (Bill Hader), the show parodied the types of colorful characters one might find at a music festival. Jagger played up Tyler’s over-the-top American Idol judging, while Armisen played a confused Carlos Santana, who could name just one of his own songs.