'SNL' Promo: Seth MacFarlane Reveals His Teddy Bear's Dirty Name (Video)

The man behind "Ted" and "Family Guy" hosts the NBC show's season opener, which includes musical guest Frank Ocean.

Seth MacFarlane, a man who is heard (but not seen) in creations including Ted and Family Guy, is stepping in front of the cameras to host Saturday Night Live’s season 38 opener.

In a promo for the episode, castmember Kenan Thompson asks MacFarlane about his summer.  

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“I produced a movie, three TV shows — I actually got no break at all,” MacFarlane says.

“Yeah, I made a movie too. Probably,” a sheepish Thompson responds, appearing to be embarrassed that his summer wasn't as busy.

Thompson treats MacFarlane to an impression of Family Guy’s Stewie, which the show's creator rates a “B+” rating.

Finally, Thompson says he loved Ted because it got him thinking about his childhood Teddy bear, named “Sir Teddy Dick—“ (the rest of the apparently scandalous name is censored).

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And what was MacFarlane’s boyhood bear named?

“Fuzzy," He says. "No I’m just kidding. It was Dick— [more censoring].”

SNL’s season opener airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

Other stars with SNL hosting duties in their near futures include Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Craig.

Watch the video below.