'SNL': Season 40's 10 Most Memorable Sketches (Video)

Car commercials, Marvel films and Scientology were all skewered by the NBC sketch series.

Star-Lord, Gandalf and Cookie Monster all made appearances among the most notable Saturday Night Live sketches of the year.

With season 40 officially in the books, here are our picks for the venerable NBC comedy show's 10 standout segments. Be sure to let us know in the comments which sketches we overlooked.

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Marvel Can't Fail (Host: Chris Pratt, Sept. 27)

We're ready to shell out money now to see Marvel's next film, Fancy Ghosts.

Lincoln Ads (Host: Jim Carrey, Oct. 25)

Carrey let viewers know what Matthew McConaughey was actually doing with his right hand in those car commercials.

Woody Harrelson 1989 Monologue (Host: Woody Harrelson, Nov. 15)

The host got a little Taylor Swift-inspired help from his Hunger Games pals.

The Dudleys (Host: Woody Harrelson, Nov. 15)

Social media reaction to network TV got skewered in this sketch that set things to a "gay five." Uzo Aduba joined the fun, too.

Hobbit Office (Host: Martin Freeman, Dec. 13)

Gandalf channeled his inner David Brent by mocking "Dildo Baggins" in this sendup of the popular sitcom. 

Sam Smith/Dr. Evil Cold Open (Host: Amy Adams, Dec. 20)

Mike Myers' beloved character defended Sony following the cyberattack on the studio: "Why pick on Sony? They haven't had a hit since the Walkman."

The Jay Z Story (Host: J.K Simmons, Jan. 31)

Writer Mike O'Brien took on the life of Jay Z, which included a stint as Kanye West by Jason Sudeikis. "This is insane — I can't believe I'm great at rap," O'Brien exclaimed. 

New Disney Movie (Host: Dwayne Johnson, March 28)

The Rock dressed as a vigilante Bambi for a Disney film reboot that starred the Furious 7 castmembers. "When I was boy, they took away my mother," Bambi said in voiceover. "Now, it's time for them to pay … dearly."

Neurotology Music Video (Host: Michael Keaton, April 4)

The show slammed Scientology, couching its commentary with an 1990s ad for something called the Church of Neurotology. The spot revealed that many of the members have gone missing for speaking out against the religion, an allusion to the documentary Going Clear.

Sesame Street Promo (Host: Taraji P. Henson, April 11)

Sesame Street didn't know what hit it when Empire's Cookie dropped by. "He's trying to play you," she warned as Bert and Ernie attempted to trade snacks. She also snatched a treat away from the similarly named Cookie Monster.

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