'SNL': Season 44 Premiere Went All In on Kavanaugh Hearings

Saturday Night Live's season 44 premiere cold-opened with a sketch that saw Matt Damon cameo as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And though host Adam Driver threw in some Star Wars jokes and castmember Pete Davidson repeatedly poked fun at his engagement to Ariana Grande, the show primarily ended up tackling Kavanaugh and his Senate Judiciary Committee testimony about allegations of sexual misconduct throughout its runtime.

One sketch depicted a fraternity party where everyone’s words directly contradicted their later actions. “This will be a night we never forget,” one frat boy announced, while a chyron stated that he would say in a deposition that he had no recollection of this night.

“I’m going places!” another frat boy said; his chyron simply read, “Dead.”

Another frat boy, played by Beck Bennett, specifically referred to Kavanaugh. Early in the sketch he exclaimed, "I can't believe I did that," while the chyron noted he was perpetually haunted by that moment. At the end, Bennett's character declared, “Remember that I did this!” A chryon stating he “insisted to a federal grand jury he never did this” immediately followed, along with text stating that several party attendees backed him up.

"Weekend Update" dealt almost exclusively with Kavanaugh, with co-anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che pointedly digging into the potential Supreme Court nominee. They predictably made fun of the judge's frequent references to beer and his calendars in his Senate Judiciary Committee testimony.

“If you took a shot for every time Brett Kavanaugh lied about his yearbook, you’d be as drunk as Brett Kavanaugh was in the summer of 1982,” Jost said. “I just wanna remind everybody that all this yelling and crying happened at this dude’s job interview,” Che said.

Kate McKinnon later showed up to the "Update" desk as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Hey, Jeff Flake, you can borrow a pair of my panties, since you’re so worried about covering your own ass! That’s a Ginsburn!” she exclaimed before doing a little dance. She also showed her calendar from 1982, which included the bullet points, “Turn 100, break glass ceiling, and do laps in a birdbath.” The only thing written on her calendar for 2018 was “Don’t die!”

The sketch then cut to Driver in an FBI interrogation room. "But, hey, that was the '80s," he said.

While much of the episode dealt with Kavanaugh, there were a few unrelated sketches, like one in which Driver played a dorky dad hoping to bond with his son by playing the online video game Fortnite, with avatars played by Kyle Mooney and Davidson.

Driver also played an over-the-top elderly oil baron giving an aggressive inspirational talk to young students. 

Bennett and Mooney also anchored a sketch about neo-Confederates having a meeting about creating a society where everyone is white. Driver played a character who repeatedly pointed out that what they were describing sounded like Vermont.