'SNL' Skewers Bill Cosby Loving Prison

Host Seth Meyers played Bill Cosby’s cellmate in prison in a sketch on the Oct. 13 episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live. Longtime castmember Kenan Thompson played Cosby, who seemed weirdly happy and oblivious about his time in prison.

The sketch hinged on the joke that Cosby is old and clueless. “I’m in jail and loving it!” Thompson’s Cosby said. “I had no idea that one of the staple foods of the prison system is a Jello!”

“They put me in jail for loving salty foods,” Thompson’s Cosby said after revealing he was stockpiling a large hoagie. Meyers’ character became increasingly concerned about how delusional Cosby was and eventually asked to be put in solitary so he wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore.

The references to the sexual assault charges that landed Cosby in prison remained vague.

Thompson’s Cosby called Meyers' character “Theo” and quoted an episode of The Cosby Show, apparently delusional about reality. He also thought that his pet turtle was Quincy Jones.