'SNL' Launches on Snapchat With Trump-Themed Short "Boycott"

Snapchat and inset of SNL logo- Publicity-H 2017
Courtesy of NBC; SNL

Saturday Night Live launched on Snapchat Stories Friday with a video short aimed at protesters taking a stand against President Donald Trump and his ties to, well, nearly every company.

The NBC series' first-ever show on the platform's video vertical stars a couple (played by Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett) who attempt to make their voices heard by boycotting all products associated with Trump, and end up homeless and standing naked in the street upon completing the daunting task.

In "Boycott," the pair begin by leaving an anti-Trump protest and refusing to head home in cars run by Uber and Lyft, and even a pedicab bought on Amazon, over the tech companies' supposed ties with Trump. 

"Peter Thiel is an investor in Lyft," says Bennett, to which Bryant replies, "So?"

"Peter Thiel is a Trump supporter!"

When they finally get home, the pair suffer a meltdown when they realize that all of the beers and snack foods in their kitchen, naming Yuengling and Coors beers and Kraft Mac & Cheese, also have connections to Trump.

"So he's taken cheese from me too?!" screams Bryant.

When Bennett discovers more links via his Facebook feed, Bryant says, "Peter Thiel is also an investor on Facebook — delete that off your phone!"

The pair eventually strip off all of their clothes and trash everything in their place from Bed Bath & Beyond, since the chain sells Ivanka Trump-brand diapers.

Defeated and now naked in the street, Bryant yells, "What are we doing, this isn't accomplishing anything — nothing is going to change!"

Bennett replies, "Now we're just hungry and thirsty, and now my penis is out!"

The pair then get a push notification — shown onscreen — that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is leaving Trump’s business advisory council.

"It worked! Our voices matter! They listen, we're not crazy!" said Bennett as the now-calm pair reenters their home, ending their protest.

Produced, shot and edited by the SNL Film Unit specifically for Snapchat, "Boycott" features split screens and audio and video cues to move the story from chapter to chapter for mobile viewing. The mobile notification is even woven into the story, popping up just how it would on a user's phone.

"Boycott" was written by SNL co-head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider and Bryant, and was directed by Paul Briganti.

The move comes one day before SNL's Trump himself, Alec Baldwin, returns to host for a record-breaking 17th time.

Watch the short via Snapchat here.