'SNL': Steve Martin Plays Recently Arrested Roger Stone in Cold Open

In Saturday Night Live’s cold open on Jan. 26, Alex Moffat played Fox News personality Tucker Carlson in a rundown of the week’s news, focusing in particular about the recent end to the record-breaking government shutdown. Steve Martin made a surprise cameo as Trump associate Roger Stone, who was recently arrested and charged with seven felony counts, including lying to Congress.

"The whole experience was so harrowing," Martin’s Stone said of having his house raided, adding that he could only stomach doing one radio interview, a press conference and two television appearances after posting bond. He noted that no one is buying his books "because they’re bad" and said he had set up a donation page because of the financial burden. Martin quipped that he's naming the foundation after a common phrase he hears Trump tells him: “Hey Roger, go fuck yourself!”

"Honestly, I think I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life," Martin's Stone added, insisting that he's not a "poor, helpless old man." He also quipped that he's 66, which means he’s "almost as old as Sting."

Martin's Stone later directed a message to Trump: “Pardon me!”

Earlier in the cold open, Cecily Strong portrayed Jeanine Pirro talking about border security as well as the government shutdown. "I spoke with dozens of TSA workers, and they said they were so honored to work for free," she said. “And then they did the universal gesture for jerking off."

"We have to take a Marie Kondo approach to cleaning up this country," Strong’s Pirro also said, adding that Guatemalans don’t spark joy for her.

Kate McKinnon appeared as Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and said he lives in a cocoon.