How 'SNL' Tackled Trump's State of the Union Speech

On the latest installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live, the late-night comedy show brought back its "Them Trumps" sketch, an Empire-inspired television parody that asks, “What if Donald Trump was black?” Kenan Thompson returned as Darius Trump, Leslie Jones played first lady Malika Trump, Chris Redd played Darius Trump Jr. and Ego Nwodim played L’evanka Trump.

The sketch portrayed Darius Trump on the way to the State of the Union in his limo. His family asked if he was worried about questions regarding Trump Perm Academy and also about his relationship with Russia.

"Dad, you think this State of the Union speech is going to set all them haters straight?" Darius Jr. asked.

"Of course it is, son," President Trump responded, "Now let's get on up to the Capitol so I can do what I do and sauce on these hoes."

"But dad, what about the new allegations? The taxpayer-funded golf allegations with Puff Daddy? All the lawsuits that come out of Trump Perm Academy?" L'evanka asked. 

"And they still asking about Russia, dad!" Darius Jr. exclaimed, while the elder Trump shushed him.

The limo was pulled over by a white cop who asked Darius Trump to step out of the car, and he asked his family to record it.

Another sketch shouted out the women of Congress and gave them all monikers, like Nancy "Madame Clapback" Pelosi, referencing the way she clapped at the State of the Union. Other nicknames included Alexandria "I Say What I Meme" Ocasio-Cortez, Kyrsten "Kooky Arizona Lady" Sinema and Ilhan "Get the Hi-Job Done" Omar. Trump took credit at the end of the speech for all the women who had made it into Congress, as some joked that he had during the State of the Union.